Rich Love

My hubby and I were watching a documentary tonight (we LOVE documentaries) … and let me tell you, I was a basket case. I mean, It was the I couldn’t catch my breath, tears on my lap and snot everywhere kind of cry! I was a wreck! It was one of those documentaries where it just moves you so much that you want to just leave and help everyone right now!!

Basically, it is about heart wrenching stories of men and women who live on skid row and struggle to turn their lives around due to addictions and mental illnesses. In the midst of all the poverty, mental illness, addiction and sickness they face, you see hope and really powerful human journeys!

They are sons and daughters of The Most High … just like you and I! 

One story really, I mean really touched my heart. It was of this woman, named Linda, who had a rare skin disorder called Neurofibromatosis, which is a disorder of the nervous system, and it causes tumors to grow on the nerves. From head to toe, she is visibly covered with small tumors. Not only that, she had breast cancer and had to get a mastectomy on one of her breasts, AND she’s homeless. Lord, can this woman catch a break?! She also shared her struggle with serious depression most of her life due to her appearance.

But then it got me thinking of the analogy Paul gave in 1 Corinthians 15:35-44, that our earthly bodies are like seeds that die and fall to the ground, then sprout into new, glorious forms of life!

Doesn’t that put a smile on your face? I sure have a smile on my face after reading that!

The Bible tells us that our physical bodies don’t last, but rots and dies.

Our bodies here on earth are dead. Mine, yours and everyone else’s! We are, however, God’s vessels. We are not on this earth to “look good” or “to be “the most successful”, or to “make more money”. God does not focus on any of that, He focuses on what is on the inside. We are here to accept Christ into our hearts, to love and spread His Word!

Let us desire to be a vessel that God can use, instead of desiring and striving for earthly things.

Are you willing to be His vessel?

It’s a lot of work and sacrifice, but, He said it will be worth it … and I believe Him.

As I was wiping off my tears with the second box of kleenex, they asked Linda if she was dating anyone and she instantly had a huge smile on her face. It turns out she was! I was so happy for her and I cried even more. Like I said, I was a basket case … snot everywhere … yea, not pretty! She mentioned that one day it would be her dream to marry him, and to be able to wear a beautiful white wedding gown that would cover all of the tumors.

Something hit me when she said that, and I could just picture Jesus resting His hands on her cheeks saying,  “Not only will I cover you with fine linen, bright and pure, my love… but with my precious blood that is purest of all.”

Yep, more tears.

Towards the end of the documentary, they were showing where these wonderful people ended up in life. While they were doing that, someone in the background was singing “Jesus Loves Me” with a beautiful voice, and at the very end they showed who was singing the song … it was Linda!! I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her when she was singing. Not because of the tumors, or the visible mastectomy, or the dirty clothes, but because  of the rich love she had for The Lord. She had nothing on this earth, but she had Jesus, and that is everything and more!

I believe The Lord has a special bond and place in His heart for those who have little!!

Would you give up everything you have, including your health, to have that rich love with Jesus?


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