Quick Health Update

My health hasn’t been the best lately. It has been very up and down (mostly down).

I decided not to see the Lyme doctor I was seeing … her and I weren’t on the same page on a lot of things and I just felt like she didn’t know how complex and difficult this illness is. I spoke with a few friends who have Lyme and they recommended a doctor in WI, so, I see her Sept. 11th. These people that I have spoken to are doing much better under her treatment, so, I am praying so hard that she can help me out!

I found out a few months ago that I have this gene mutation called C677t and I am homozygous for this gene mutation, which means I got it from both parents. You can click on the C677t right above and you can read all about it … it is very complex. When I was on antibiotics, I would get really really sick … I mean I felt like death. Part of it was the herxheimer reaction and the the other part was because of my gene mutation. I mentioned before that detox is sooo important with this illness, because when the bacteria dies, you want to detox as much as possible to flush out the toxins and dead bacteria from the body. Well, this lovely gene mutation that I have makes it hard for my body to metabolize medication and my liver has a hard time detoxing everything out, so I had A LOT of toxins building up in my body and that can be very very dangerous!! Also, anyone who has this gene mutation and has a chronic illness, they become more sick compared to one that does not have this gene mutation. Not only is Lyme and Co infections very difficult and complex to treat, but now I have this gene mutation which makes it ten times more difficult to treat! My primary suggested I get a full genetics test done, just so she can see everything in a bigger picture and help heal my body. I should be getting the tests results in a few weeks here!!

Life has been one CRAZY roller coaster ride … physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! I’ve cried out to God in pain, in anger, in joy, in sadness, in hopelessness, in desperation and He continues to restore me every single time. Wow …. I am so humbled by His love!

If you all could please continue to pray for my health, my husband and this new doctor, It would mean the world to me!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

*God is soooo good*

Blessings & Love,



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