Heavy Heart – Crisis Back Home

My siblings and I grabbed the masking tape and started taping the windows in our home.

My heart was racing uncontrollably as I tore a large piece of tape from the roll, “What if we all die tomorrow?! … I will miss my family so much” I thought. I reached the edge of the window frame and placed the tape diagonally across the window … I looked up to the sky and just waited and waited.

I was 6 years old when the gulf war happened. I will never forget the day my mother received a phone call from the American embassy to persuade us to leave Jordan because missiles were going over Jordan. I was so nauseated and anxious when I heard the news. Fear consumed me … I couldn’t sleep at night, I was too scared to sit next to windows in case they shattered on me, even though we had masking tape on them. Every time I heard a plane my heart sank, and I was constantly looking out the window … waiting! I was in a constant state of panic and it was a horrible feeling. Thankfully, the American embassy lent us money to come to the states for a few months until things cooled down in the Middle East.

We were blessed with the opportunity to leave and be safe, but most people in the Middle East right now are not able to do that and this has been weighing very heavy on my heart lately. Images of people who have lost loved ones and people who lost their homes. People hurting, crying & scared … images of children roaming the streets alone, lost, injured and afraid, has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now and I cannot shake it off!

No matter the race, culture, or religion, they are all God’s children and when God’s children are hurting and suffering … it affects me a lot!

Oh please come Lord, come ….

Father God,

My heart has been very heavy with all that has been going on in the world, especially in the Middle East. Help me lay it all at your feet, Lord …. it is too much for my heart to bear. I pray for repentance that will bring healing to Syria and the surrounding countries. Father, I pray that the leaders of this nation and other countries will submit their rule to the reign of Jesus Christ … let this world be filled with your glory! Lord, remind us that this Kingdom is yours and that you are Lord over us and every nation! In Jesus’ name I pray ….. Amen.


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