I was a social butterfly at a very young age.

The only thing I looked forward to when my mom or dad woke me up for school was being able to hang out with my friends. 

I couldn’t wait for recess; to chit-chat, run, play, share meals, laugh, and hug each other.

I loved dance classes because I got to talk to friends about how puffy our pink tutu’s were, where we got our pink ballet slippers from and help one another do a pirouette!

I couldn’t wait for summer because I got to spend everyday at the swimming club with friends – laying on the grass tanning, jumping off diving boards, and teaching one another how to do back flips

Friends were always my comfort, my safe place.

Lyme stole my personality from me (not for too long). I am not the social butterfly I once was.

I am isolated from most of my friends. I missed and still miss out on soo many events I wish more than anything to be part of but Lyme wants my body at home, in bed, away from everyone. 

My mother once told me, “Aisha, the only time you will find out who your true friends are is when you are going through a hard time in life.” The older I am getting, the more I realize how right mom’s are on A LOT of things … listen to them, young ones!

Oh, was she right.

When I first got sick last year, the friends I thought would be there for me, turned out to be the ones who hardly ever asked how I was doing – it hurt me deeply!! Except my best friend a few other good friends .. I always knew they would be there with me through it all! But to my surprise, the ones I didn’t think would, were the ones that were right by my sidel!!

Lyme Disease opened my eyes to a lot of things, it almost feels as if I was blinded by my surroundings when I was healthy. I am now able to look around me and see which friends of mine are still standing by me after all that has been stripped away from me. This would have never happened had it not been for my illness. I also have been blessed with amazing/new friendships! 

Friendships I am certain will last a lifetime.

They love me for the person I am right now. There is no faking on my end around them. No pretend laughs, no forced conversations … nothing! It takes a lot of energy out of a person with Lyme to talk, to laugh or to even smile but with these friends, I can just be me … no more pretending and it feels good. Oh, so good!

A true friend is one that will call you on her way to work on a random day to check and see how you are feeling.

A true friend will text you and ask you if you need help cleaning the house.

A true friend will text and ask if they can grocery shop for you.

A true friend will send you a Bible verse and encouraging words for the day.

A true friend will pray over you.

A true friend will put her arm around you when you are hurting.

A true friend will send you an email to see how you are doing.

A true friend will take some time out of their day to pray for you.

A true friend will never discourage you.

All you need is one friend … just one friend that understands your pain and tears. Just one friend that will love you for who you are. That is way more valuable than having 50 friends who only show up for your smiles!!


Blessings & Love,












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