10 Crazy Comments: Don’t Say These To A Lyme Patient

I was thinking the other day at some things people have said to me (doctors, nurses, friends, strangers and family members) over the past three years …. and you guys, they made me chuckle … loud!


So, here are some things that were said to me, and I am sure you can all relate to a few of them … or all of them!

1- But, you don’t look sick. 

I think we have all heard this one and it drives me crazy!!! I am not sure if it is a compliment or if they are hinting in a nice/weird way that I am not really sick because I am physically not showing any symptoms. I never know if I should say “thank you” or “oh, but I feel really rotten on the inside.” A friend of mine told me she saw a bumper sticker once that read “if I looked like I felt I’d scare your children”, and that pretty much sums it all up.

2- What is Babesia? is it a skin infection?

FYI, this came out of a nurses’ mouth!!! My response to her “very close actually, it is a malaria-like parasitic disease that infects the red blood cells … it almost put me in a wheel chair.” Complete silence on her end!!

3- Maybe you just need to get out of the house.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I really really enjoy laying on the couch with my robe and pajama pants on all day, feeling utterly useless, my hair looking like I was electrocuted in my sleep, bags under my eyes and groaning because of how much pain I am in!! Trust me, if I COULD get out I WOULD!!!!

4- Maybe you need to exercise. 

Imagine having the flu, feeling hungover (for no apparent reason) and got hit by a huge semi! Yep, that’s what we feel like most days. If you want to avoid a bart-raged woman or man (and trust me, you do) do not tell them maybe they need to exercise!!

5- Are you drinking enough water?

This is not the flu guys!!!

6- Maybe if you get pregnant it will go away.

BAHAHAH! That is all I have to say to this one.

7- There’s no way you have Babesiosis, it is very very rare and most commonly found in animals. (ER doctor)

Well, that brings me so much comfort that this illness is being acknowledged in animals but not humans! Cool Beans!

9- You want to believe you have Lyme, but that’s not what you have.

I mean, having Lyme Disease is the “in thing” now a days, why would I not want to have it!?

10- Are you sure you are just not depressed?

“Father, I am bart-raging right now. Breath peace in me, Lord”


I know people have said some crazyyyy things to you, if you feel comfortable enough to share them here, I would love to hear them!! 🙂

Blessings & Love,



12 thoughts on “10 Crazy Comments: Don’t Say These To A Lyme Patient

  1. My favorite is when having Lyme helps me. Tell someone you can’t eat something because you are gluten free…wait for the eye roll…do have Celiac?….uh, no Lyme, and my doc told me not to. To top it off, as a woman with some extra weight, I add my cholesterol and BP are too low. 8)

    • Hi There!
      from what I have read and know, I would say yes to both questions!!! I believe it is called Cat Scratch Fever, which is caused by a bacteria called Bartonella!! Hope this helps and if anyone else knows more info on this, please chime in!!

  2. “Suck it up buttercup”….pretty tough to hear when I was super sick having just started treatment but have been sick and “sucking it up” for nine years.

    The other…..”Just like my injured ankle and neck, you just need to learn to live with it!”. Live with it?! I am just trying to survive it!

  3. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ve talked to 4 people whose family members have had Lyme and they are just fine and completely healed”. Or… “Oh both my children have had it and they just took the 30 day antibiotics and they are just fine.” Having learned this has been wreaking havoc in my body over 10 years, I’m certain it will take more than 30 days… After all, it’s already been 6 months+. I can relate to almost all of your top 10.

    • Oh my gosh! Yessss .. I’ve heard that too!! “Two weeks of abx should have cured your lyme” .. If they only knew!! How are you doing now?!? Any improvement? !?

      • Diagnosed in July, confirmed IGenix by September, likely had over 10 years. I am getting my energy level back, ordered to do nothing by doctor, so I have good days and bad. I am seeing small improvements, however my numbers are still high likely due to 5 co-infections. So… Loaded question…! But… I still “look good”. Ha ha ha

    • hahaha!! your sense of humor will get you through this!! And praise God that you are seeing small improvements. A lyme friend always reminds me “slow and steady wins the race” and that totally goes for this illness!! Xoxo

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